…from one thing to the next.  That was my plan for the day.  Arrive at work around 7:45 and then go to AM report.  Do orientation speech for the applicants and rush to my office to deliver a PIF I edited over the weekend and then arrange for some paperwork to be fed exed.  Finally rush over to clinic to see a patient I had to cancel last week when Matthew was ill.  Get over there and she is 40 minutes late.  Call to have my 10:30 interview taken over so that I can still see my patient even though she is late.  Finish up with her and go to another building to do my 11 am interview.  Rush back to my office to get my purse and run to the lunch and eat for 1/2 hour and then take off to pick up the girls at daycare.  (Get a phone call that Riley is (again) in the nurses office complaining about a stomach ache.  He wants me to pick him up (again!)- turn him down and the nurse agrees to send him back to class and on to the daycare afterward).  Pick up the girls and drive back into town to get them their H1N1 vaccines and then drive the 25 minutes back to the daycare.   Drive bak to the hospital to see an outpatient who was scheduled for 3:30.  I got there at 3:15 and finally at 3:45 I pulled the patient into the room to see him and finally finish up and go to my emergency clinical competency committee meeting at 4:00 and …finally get back into the car to drive back to the daycare. 

So, the day is over and I am feeling better …only missed one meeting during the day. 


things I am thankful for:  a reasonable school nurse who can tell when someone is needing some extra TLC and who is willing to work with him instead of having mom rush to get him.

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  1. Your post made me tired! Glad the girls got their H1N1. 2 of my kids and I still need it!


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