all of the kids woke up at 7 and mom slept till around 7:30 when there started to be a LOT of noise coming from downstairs.  My sinus congestion was better after a shower and I came downstairs to start making some waffles.  I thought i had a bag in the freezer, but no…so; made up a double batch and got them started.

…meanwhile I harassed the kids into cleaning the family room.  It’s amazing how none of them made any of the mess and yet their toys and clothes and blankets and pillows are all over the place.  I am still wondering how that all gets there!

…now we are waiting for a little sun to start shining.  we have fruit and food in the house so we don’t really need to go shopping, I need to decide what we will eat this week and take it out of the freezer though. 

things I am thankful for:  food preparation last weekend will make the job of food decisions this week much easier. 

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