Friday night

…and the living is easy.

It has been another busy week with days off of work for kids who are sick or who think they are sick or who want to be sick…you get the idea!

I still have a cough but I am feeling better and am hopeful that by next week I will be better.  Riley spent 2 days in the school clinic – complaining of being sick.  Never got sick though.  Tonight I just couldn’t bear the thought of cooking when I got home so we stopped and got a pizza at a local restaurant.  Then I made brownies when we got home. 

The boys are playing computer games and Logan and I are watching Dennis-the-Menace.  Addison is agitating and fussing.  I think she is tired and she is about to go to bed.

things I am thankful for:  I got two checks in the mail for jobs I did in the last 3 months.  One of them I had given up hope of ever getting paid. 

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