A Conversation with Logan

…driving into daycare today

…mommy, can you turn down the radio?

…guess what mommy? I saw Taylor slip on a magazine.

…really?  Taylor slipped?

…no, I saw Taylor “SLIP” on a magazine

…she “slipped?”

…no, no, no…”I SAW TAYLOR SLIP on a magazine”

…I know…you said that Taylor slipped…

…NOT Taylor!  Taylor Slipped …the famous one.

…The famous one?

…Yes, the famous one…

…(lightbulb going on?!)…oh you mean Taylor Swift.

…Yeah…she is the best singer in the whole wide world.

…Well, I don’t know about the whole wide world but she is good.

things i am thankful for:  a 4 year old who is such a girly girl that she loves Taylor Swift and thinks she is the best singer in the world!

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  1. That’s a riot! It’s funny, because Elena has become a fan of Taylor Swift, too. There is a commercial advertising her CD, and Elena jumps up and says, “It’s Taylor Swift. I love this song!” whenever it comes on. She has asked me if we can get the CD.


  2. Yup. All of the kids love her. When her newest song comes on the entire car gets quiet and then they all start singing it.


  3. I just love how kids get things, but just a little bit off. My son was practicing for his school veteran’s day program. He begain singing, “My country tisapee”. It was hard to keep a straight face. I kept telling him, tis of thee. But it just kept coming out tisapee.

    Glad to see you are all feeling better! I did keep thinking about you and a house full, all sick. I’m happy you seem to have made it thru in one piece.

    Also, I like the little things I’m grateful for…. Really nice way to end your entries!


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