Food and illness…

Yesterday I was feeling pretty well; runny nose but no other symptoms and Matthew’s fever was mostly down.  I finally took a claritin at 10 PM and …well, I’ve felt worse since.

Woke up this morning after not sleeping much …was awake most of the night (think from the claritin) but had done a lot of preparation for cooking today so…got up to do it. 

Yesterday I made 5 quarts of mashed potatoes and put 1 in the fridge and 4 in the freezer. 

This morning, first up…pumpkin ravioli: about 5 minute into it, I was overcome with a huge wave of nausea.  I took my temp and it was 101.  So I stopped the ravioli and took some tylenol and laid on the couch.  Fed the kids every 5 minutes getting up and down from the couch and trying to roll out some ravioli.  turned out the dough was not rolling well and the tomato paste in it was not helping my nausea so I ended up throwing it out and deciding to make one of the lasagnas with the pumpkin ricotta filling.

By 8:30, I was feeling a little better and so I decided to tackle the lasagna.  I had made the noodles yesterday and so I took them out and put together two lasagnas (one for the freezer and one for this week). 

Then I started making this recipe for homemade hamburger buns.  It ended up making 48 rolls – which by the way the kids ate them as snacks, I will be making again!  (Riley had 5 of them and Logan and Addison had 3 each). 

Meanwhile I seasoned and cooked 2 lbs of ground beef and put it into freezer bags to use for burritos and tacos.  I took the other 3 lbs and made it into mini-meatloafs and threw those into the oven with the rolls.  The meat was too fatty and it spilled out of the muffin tins to the bottom…filling my house with smoke…everyone out of the house (thank god it is nice out) …while I tried to continue to cook the rolls.

Then I made 4 more batches of these scones.!

Meanwhile, I put together the dry ingredients for 4 batches of homemade brownies “make ahead mixes” and 4 batches of waffles “make ahead mixes” to go into the freezer. 

Now I am laying here wondering if I will get up off the couch at any time today.



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  1. I’m impressed that you could be so productive while sick! Hope you are feeling better!


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