Yea! Healthy

…everyone woke up much more themselves.  (okay there was a certain irony to Matthew being down for the count…but it also is more scary when he is so quiet!). 

The house is a mess.  I don’t feel like cleaning but, I have gotten quite a bit done.  First, haircuts for the boys.  Riley NEEDED one. 

I cut everyone’s hair the weekend before school started.  For the first time, the boys didn’t want me to use the clippers and Riley asked to have longer hair – like one of his friends.  So, I tried to accomodate his request but his hair is so unruly.  Anyway, it has grown a ton since then and then I discovered a hunk of hair in the bathroom trash can – he had cut his bangs because they were in his eyes –okay! it’s time.

this time he refused to have me use the clippers at all – not even on the back and sides.  Ugh – I am not that good with scissors – Usually.  This time, he sat really well and I was able to get it done.  then I worked on Matthew.  Well, because Riley didn’t use clippers he didn’t want them either – but he wanted it short enough to use gel and spike it up….Okay that was taxing but going round and round the top of his head I was able to get it short enough. 

then Addison wanted a hair cut.  Her hair has finally gotten long enough to put in ponytails and I was hesitant to do it but…she insisted.  Now she has a earlength bob.  It has been getting shorter and shorted cuz she is uneven but I think I am stopping at this point. 

Logan has asked for one tomorrow.  I don’t know whether i will do it or not.  depends on how much crying there is today.


I am thankful for baking supplies on sale.  Today I bought 6 5-lb packages of flour and 2 5-lb packages of whole wheat.  It was on sale for $1.50 a package.  I am planning on making a bunch of muffin/waffle/brownie mixes to have in the freezer.

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