Family Meeting

…Riley has been desperately trying to earn some cubscout badges and belt-loops and pins.  One of the section is to have a family meeting to map out what you would do in an emergency.  He decided we would do this tonight. 

…he wrote out the following questions

1) Yes or No: do you ever, ever touch electricity

2) If it is a fire, how do you get out?

3) Yes or No: when there is a fire, do you ever go back in the house?

4) Yes or No:  do you play with matches?

5) Yes or No: do you crawl under smoke?

6) Yes or No: do you go in a closet during a fire?

7) Yes or No: do you get afraid of a firefighter?

We sat down in the middle of the floor – with all of the lights out – and 2 flashlights on and talked about all of this.  We also talked about what to do in a tornado or hurricane (go to a room with no windows) or a “white out” [which is a snow storm] (stay in the house or you will get lost!)

I was impressed that all of them (well…except Addison) know what 9-1-1 is for. 


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