How many shoes can drop?

So, got Addie back to school yesterday and though she is still coughing, she is acting totally better. 

This morning matthew was coughing when he woke up.  I took his temp and it was only 99 and I was (naively) hopeful.  the call came at 3:00.  His temp was 100.4 at the daycare (and since their cut-0ff is 100.5 I didn’t have to pick him up right away but she wanted to tell me that he wasn’t feeling well since she was supposed to babysit for me after I took them to the county swine flu shot clinic – and then went back to help staff it!).  so, i started finishing up and as I was driving home I got the call that he was 101.5…yup, come pick him up.

He was pretty punky until he had motrin in his system for about 2 hours and now he is jumping all over the house and feeling better…interspersed with coughing. 

So, another day at home for me.  hoping that they won’t do this every 2-3 day another one is sick routine.

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