All Hallows Eve

It was no the picture perfect Halloween that I had hoped for.  This week just kicked my butt and last night we stopped at McD’s for dinner and after a couple of movies, we went to bed.  This morning we got up and I had to count up and balance the cubscout popcorn orders – while feeding the kids breakfast.  Finally we left the house to go to basketball tryouts.  There was some screaming and …ultmately some cleaning up of the common areas. 

Finally we got to the tryouts.  We ended up having to wait in a huge line to get measured for their basketball uniforms and then to do drblling, running and shooting drills to be sorted into teams. 

Then we ran to Kinkos so I could make copies of the popcorn orders and more fighting ensued.  We finally got home and relaxed for about 1/2 hour before going out to lunch with Wendy and Pat. 

All morning it rained and I was pretty sure  that we would be rained out for Halloween trick-or-treating.  But, over the afternoon, the sun actually came out and the temperature rose.  By the time we ran a few errands after naps, it was warm and sunny so we rushed home to get dinner and headed out around 5:45. 

We had a successful trip and will have enough candy to last for a long long time!!! – or until I throw it out.

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