Having trouble thinking of what to post…

had a terrible day today.

ran from meeting to meeting to patient to meeting to patient …you get the drift! 

ran from the hospital to the daycare.  Got there at 5:58. along the way decided that I just couldn’t cook (MAKE ME!).  Arrived to find M. crying and worrying about something he “lost” at the daycare.  Only thing is that he can’t say what he lost or, more importantly, who took whatever it was.  He is whiny and grumpy. 

I get all 4 corralled to go out and they then start complaining about going to the Chinese restaurant.  Ultimately, after 1 large coke and a lot of ignoring, M comes around and starts smiling. 

got home and it is bath time.  I am supposed to write some notes now.  Don’t know that I am going to get them all done!


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