Another boring Saturday


umm…yeah…this is not what we are doing tonight.  The great camp-out with the cubscouts is not happening – well at least I am not sleeping out tonight. 

all week I have been dreading it and then I looked at the weather forecast and got more worried. 




yup, we will have 5 people in a 2 person tent with borrowed sleeping bags

– and me keeping track of 4 kids while trying to let a 7 & 8 year old do all of the archery and BB gun shooting that they want as if that isn’t enough to strike fear in my heart as it is!

– and the girls not having a nap!

So, I woke at 4:30 am and couldn’t go back to sleep.  Re-checked the forecast…still the same. 

Riley woke up and I broke it to him that we were not going to sleep overnight.  It’s one thing to be rained on during the day but without an air mattress to get the sleeping bags off the ground, there aint no way I am even contemplating sleeping overnight – not to mention not wanting to be in that tent with thunder and lightning going on.

He took it well – NOT!

But at least it wasn’t raining yet.  After MUCH ado, we got out the door and I headed to the bank, to Walgreen’s for some bandaids and finally to the gas station-!

So, the trip to the campground was taken up by one kid convinced that his life was over and alternating with “crossing his fingers” and the other 3 teasing him.

We arrived at 8:30 am –   The time we were advised to get there to meet up with the pack who would have a truck that could bring our stuff (lunch, chairs, canopy to sit under would be in the parking lot.  got signed in (after attesting that we don’t have H1N1-okay thats another story! – and got armbands and called the den master.  “We are down at the campsite and trying to figure out if we are going to unpack – leave your stuff in your car and come down and we will be deciding when most of the pack arrives”. 

We walk about a mile and get to the campsite.  it is raining but off and on.  I am cranky.   We walk around for a while with another family and then around 10:00 go back to the campsite to see the Pack leaders re-packing the food for dinner and breakfast and all of their tents back up into the truck.  We aren’t staying for the night.  the plan is to let the participants do some of the activities for the afternoon but we are not even staying for dinner.  Okay…but the activities don’t start till 12:30.  EEEKKKKK!

We walk back to the car to get lunch and snack.  Much grumbling.  while we are in the car, it starts pouring!  Riley is bereft.  I give it until 12:00 and if it is still raining we are NOT staying. 

But, at 12:00 it stopped raining and we walked the mile back to the campsite.   We found where the “bows and arrows” was and got in line.  they were # 13 and 14 in line.  Not too bad.  the line was about 50 long when we left!  We then went to do a few other activities but the BB guns were about 1 mile away at the boyscout camp.  Meanwhile it is raining off and on.  My feet are wet, the girls are tired …Addison is alternating between throwing herself on the cold wet ground and talking back.  yeah, fun. 

At 2:30, I called it a day.  It was raining (though I was assured by my son who REALLY, REALLY wanted to shoot a BB gun that it would stop again!)…and we had been there for 6 hours in the rain.  They had gotten to do archery and a couple other fun things.  The final insult …we lost $1.50 in the drink machine at the edge of the camp before the parking lot. 

So, on the way home we stopped for ice cream and that made up for the rain- A.little.bit.

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