This is gonna be a fun winter…

…got a call from the school nurse today.  matthew was there and complaining of abdominal pain and sore throat…no fevers…now with lots of strep in the school …could I come pick him up? 

…got there…he JUMPED up from the bed with a smile on his face and he was even better later in the afternoon.  Took him to the doctor.  No strep.  No fever.  Acting fine. 

…but what it means is that I don’t get this afternoon to do work.  matthew had a great time playing with me (and annoying me).  I am just finishing off my notes from this morning …it is 10:30 pm and I had a horrible night with Riley who was jealous that I let matthew play with my old, not charged, IPAQ.  Meanwhile I find a practice quiz in his backpack with an N on it and I try and work on it with him and he is just fighting with me.  This on top of the note I got for mid-semester reports saying he is getting a DV (meaning not passing) for math because he doesn’t listen to directions and he goes too fast…

…can this week be over soon enough?

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