Life as an adoptive mom

…most of the time you don’t really have much different between you and other moms- similar struggles, similar issues and then you get hit in the face with things that …well, you know you should have been better prepared for but…well, you just thought maybe you would be lucky or that people would be more kind or …something.

sad face

And your 4 year old walks up to you while you are making dinner one night and says…

“I feel sorry for my life because I don’t know my REAL mom……………………………………………………”

And you finally (after a too long pause) say…”what do you mean honey – I’m real – here…pinch me…don’t I say “oww!” and then you say…

“do you mean your birth mom?” and “I wish you could know your birth mom too”.


…who told you to feel sorry for your life?


…I am your real mom for ever and ever and if anyone ever says that to you again…well you tell them that I am real enough to lay down with you every night and kiss you and hug you and love you forever and that they don’t know what they are talking about!


…would you like to talk about your birth mom?

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  1. oh, my. Deep breath and lots of love, right?!!


  2. My son has said pretty much the same thing. Only he is older, and he implies that maybe he would have it better with his birth mother. I expect him to do homework and such. It does hit you right between the eyes doesn’t it. Even though we know it will come, and think we prepare, we never really are. Hang in there.


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