Still sick…

…but getting better.  We are muddling through this week.  I have a two day reprieve from the inpatient service as I switched with a colleague cuz she wanted to go to a meeting next month.  So, I got to ge t my hair done and then this afternoon, I put a big dent in alot of the paper work that has been piling up. 

…the kids are doing well.  Matthew had the beginnings of a cold over the weekend and I was worried he would get what I got but…after a pretty coughing night last night, he is much less nasal sounding and less coughing tonight.  Riley has been asking to go to the neighbor’s house to play basketball the last few nights.  Last night, he asked to go next door, but it was getting dark and then he found this waterbottle that they had loaned him and so I said he could go return it.  20 minutes later, he was still not home so I went out to find him.  turns out that thei neighbor’s wife asked him to help her pick up the outside cushions.  Addison has been dry about every other night and we are working on it.  she doesn’t want to wear diapers anymore so we are doing a lot of laundry.  Logan is becoming a big girl.  I made a call to the school to try and get her speech therapy after our ENT appt and am waiting for them to call back.

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