What a day.

Saturday is one that I hope to not have to replay.  It started off okay.  I am still fighting this cold/sinus infection and so I had told the kids that we weren’t planning on doing anything big.  We all got up around 8 and so the kids went out to play.  I spent the hour from 7 -8 folding and putting away summer clothes and taking out and sorting winter clothes (and blowing my nose). 

Having most of the upstairs torn apart, I decided to finish cleaning the downstairs while I cooked some preparatory meals for the next two weeks on the in-patient service.  I got the kitchen cleaned and the floor swept and mopped.  I can’t believe the amount of sand and dirt that accumulates in 1 week!

Anyway, as I was doing that we had a mother and her teenage son come over with a tent we were thinking about buying.  the boy was great with the kids and put the tent up and we decided to let them play in it for a while.  I got lunch ready and put the girls to bed for nap.  Meanwhile I laid on the couch to rest for a little while.  Matthew was quietly playing on his computer and Riley went outside. 

In my semicomatose state I heard Riley talking to someone. After a few minutes I asked him who he was talking to…”no one” and finally he brought the phone in and told me that he had called “Aunt Teresa” who was on speed dial.  After that, I tried to fall back asleep and kept hearing a bunch of banging out on the deck.  I went out to find the tent half way apart and rolled up in a ball with the bag torn.  Okay…I apparently wasn’t supposed to sleep.

Meanwhile, Riley went up to take a nap cuz he was going to get in trouble otherwise.  

Finally around 4 o’clock the girls got up from their “nap” (playing in their room when they were supposed to be napping) and they went outside for a few hours and I made dinner.  After dinner, I relented and agreed to take them for ice cream.  Then we sat down to watch Underdog before bed. 

Good news of the day?  Addison has been dry 2 nights in a row.  I got her up at 2 in the morning when I was having some insomnia but she didn’t go and still at 4:00 when she woke up and came into my room she was dry and had to go potty but couldn’t go in the spare room because it was “dark” and she cannot yet reach the light. 

Riley has been “re-organizing his room” and decorating it with all of the sports paraphernalia so I can’t WAIT to see it when I finish this post.  Then I will make some burritos to freeze for lunches.

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