Big day in the city…

So, invigorated by only having to blow my nose every 20 minutes instead of every 2 minutes, I decided we would go to Costco to do some shopping.  We haven’t had any fresh fruit for over a week and since I would like to not go shopping net weekend, I thought we would try doing most of my shopping there.  Also, I did an inventory of my freezer and made a list of meals for the next week and I didn’t need too much to make sure that we were pretty stocked up with food that both the kids and I would eat.

The two boys took off about 5 minutes in as they saw an electric piano and electric drums.  They were entertained there for the entire time.  I ran through the toys and got a couple ideas for the kids for Christmas.  I’m trying to keep the list short to save money.  I’m pretty sure I am buying a big basketball hoop for the driveway for the family.  I’m hoping to find one on Craigs list and leave it at Wendy’s house.  Then I think I will buy each one of the kids one bigger desire (like the DSi for the boys) and then one toy and clothes (underwear too).  I have been putting away $50 a month so I have close to $500 in my Christmas account and $275 in my amazon (swagbucks + checking account rewards) account.  I’m hoping to get the DSi with the amazon $ and that way I will have some left over to get some small toys from the girls. 

Thinking about Christmas is fun.  I hope that the kids enjoy it in the true spirit of the time of year.

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