I have been really busy the last year or so…after the au Pair fiasco.  I have really tried to limit the extra-curriculars because of it.  But, with the start of the new year, we are going to “try” it a little.


First, this week, my friend Steve and I have signed the boys up for CubScouts.  Initially they were a little hesitant but we stopped at the booth at church and they talked about BBguns and fishing and pinewood derby and…well, Riley was hooked.  Matthew thinks it sounds okay until it takes him away from his computer games!  On thursday Steve took them to the orientation / sign up meeting (I was at Riley’s school Open House).  They came home with a bunch of things for me to do to complete the sign up and with enthusiasm for going CAMPING in October!!!

Ugh.  I am not a camper – and Steve was told that he can do everything but he cannot sleep in the same tent as the boys (only direct family members can) but he can sleep in the tent right next door.  So, now I have to buy 2 tents!  Today we are venturing out to the “Scout Shop” to buy uniforms ($70 each!!!!)

As an addendum: the uniforms are bought…total expenditure:  $165 for two boys for the absolute minimum.  It was a complete rip -off.  And then started the insistance harrassment to sew on the troop number and other basic patches.  But, it is all sewed on.  The boys are so proud of their uniforms – they have been wearing them all day. 


Second…the girls daycare has offered ballet lessons where a teacher comes in if there are enough girls in the pre-school times to participate and this year they have again offered it.  So, I got the application forms this week …I am in the process of trying to see if I can get a discount for having 2 girls in it.  Wish me luck!

The good news is that at least I don’t have to bring the girls anywhere for their lessons and it is during daycare time.  Not so for the cubscouts.  Already, we have a new parent orientation on Tuesday night and we have a Pack Meeting on Friday night.

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