Weekend Off

I’ve been working pretty hard the last few weeks.  This includes the weekends and this is the first weekend I have had off.  Matthew and I slept in until around 7:30 and then slept interrupted till 8:30.  Meanwhile Riley, Logan and Addison rearranged furniture and wreaked havoc on the boys room.  I was too tired to care.

Then I did bike repairs.  Had to put training wheels on Matthew’s old bike for Addison to use.  Had trouble taking the back bolt off on one side.  Used some WD40…tried and tried.  20 minutes later.  Logan said she wanted to try and ride without training wheels.  We tried that for about 2 minutes…okay…let me try again.  A combination of a hammer and wrench and it finally loosened.  (Also got grease on my shirt).  Okay, now have to put the seat down and off we go.  Addison is excited that she has a real sized bike but she is the slowest biker.  The other kids are 3 blocks ahead of us and she keeps looking at her feet and stops peddling…then the tears start cuz she can’t get started right again.  Can.you.say.annoying?  So much for a fun bike ride.  We head out of our neighborhood and into another one.  All 4 of the kids are riding right in the middle of the road and I am screaming my head off.  Finally  I get off of my bike and pick Addison up and take her off of her bike and place her feet on the “side” of the road.  She.is.not.getting.it!  So I say, let’s go – we’re heading home.  So Matthew throws an absolute fit.  Yeah, I was happy to get home.

Next on the agenda is a birthday party for one of Addison’s classmates at…wait for it…Chuck.E.Cheese! Yup, that haven of screaming around, no holds barred fun!  We stayed there for 2 1/2 hours.  There were minor issues but overall it was fine.  We got home at nearly 3 and the two girls, Riley and I took a nap.  Matthew watched SpongeBob.  Now it is 5:00 and I need to figure out something for dinner…Any suggestions?

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