End of Summer and the living is …

backtoschoolfrantic!  I did find time to empty my wallet complete all of the paperwork for the 2 boys who are going to two different schools this year so…that means 2 different PTA’s; two different fundraisers…ugh!  But all of the stuff is filled out and the backpacks (from last year and still holding up! Thanks LLBean!) are in the washing machine with the last laundry load. 

We went to the pool this afternoon for the last time before it closes (well it is open next weekend but judging by the cold water today I don’t think we will be going next weekend!).  The kids have all made great strides in swimming this summer and although Addison still has a way to go before she is independent,  I think trips to the pool next summer will be MUCH easier and less stressful for me!  Big difference between 2 kids who have to be watched or else they will drown and having 0 kids who have to be watched that closely! 

Trying to get dinner on the table soon and figure out how I will get the kids in bed on time.  Matthew’s bus comes at 6:51 am and Rileys at 7:11.  So, we will have a few minutes to get me and the girls in the car and then get to Riley’s stop.  Still, it could be worse with the two pick up times being later or closer together.  seems like I will be able to get to work by 7:45 am most mornings like last year. 

Matthew seems pretty secure with going to the new school and not too worried but we will only know after the first few days how the change will really affect him.  He has grown so much over the summer and he seems much more aware about going to the school without Riley.  He also seems excited about it.  He has already asked if Riley is going to be on the bus and he knows that he isn’t.  He aksed about the Tuckaway van on the way home and also seems to understand the Riley will probably ride a different van to the daycare. 

Riley is getting a little “talk backy” today and I think because he is getting closer to tomorrow and being a little nervous about going to a new school.  I had talked to his teacher at open house and she said there are 4 new kids to the school in her class so…well, at least he won’t be the only one.  I’m sure he will be fine but he is a little sensitive about things like this.  Unfortunately, he gets mouthy and nasty when he is nervous and then that doesn’t help matters.

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