Pepperige Farms Three Layer Cake

3layercakeFood Lion has Pepperidge Farms 3 layer cakes on sale this week  B1G1 free.  The original price is $3.99.  So, today I bought 4 of them.  Tonight was left over pizza and grapes for dinner and I pulled out one of the cakes. 

Well, Matthew had about 1/4 of the cake at dinner time.  It reminded me of my childhood when my oldest brother, Michael, would eat nearly a whole cake whenever we had them in our house. It used to drive my mother crazy how he would eat the frosting off of the top and sides of the cake and then lick his fingers! 

It’s nice to see that love of these simple cakes is extending to the next generation.

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  1. I remember Mom would buy those cakes at the pepperidge farm outlet store, put them in the storage freezer, then go to take one out and they’d be gone! We found the freezer key no matter where she hid it. I remember Mike and Steve eating those cakes like they were going out of style.


  2. Not only did I love the cakes, but the challenge of finding them, when Mom tried to hide them was an added incentive. The challenge continues as Donna now tries to hide things she has bought for the kids. If I find them, they are mine!


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