Riley fireman 2009Sometimes, the kids seem to be growing up too fast.  Riley especially wants to be a teenager so bad – as manifested by all of the “things” he wants.  All of the kids love phones and Riley is no exception.  He is constantly asking to use my cell phone to play games and he loves to hold phones and pretend that he can use them.

Yesterday he came home with a friends (parent’s) old cell phone that apparently was traded up because the battery won’t hold a charge.  But like other things, he was able to find a charger that fit it and he got SOOOOOO excited when he plugged it in and the lights and sound came on.

By the time bedtime came around, he started to pretend he was falling asleep on the couch so I would let him stay downstairs but I was having none of it.  Finally he went upstairs to bed with my assurance that I wouldn’t touch it! (AS IF!)

At 2:00 I saw a light go on outside of my room and when it was still on 15 minutes later, I went to investigate…hmmm someone was downstairs so I called down – and no one answered.  so I called again and I heard footsteps go to the light switch and *** off *** went the lights.  Finally I saw him and after much coercion, got him to come upstairs to my bed.  But, it only happened after I said that he was not allowed to play with THAT PHONE at 2:00 in the morning!

Later, he was lying in my bed with me and turned to lay on my chest.  I was telling him about how he used to fall asleep on my chest every night and he looked up at me and said in this little boy voice…”I hope I don’t grow up too fast Mom!”


Here are some more of the other kids from our adventure on a fire truck!

First here is Addison

Addison fireman

And here is Logan

Logan fireman

Matthew was much more interested in figuring out how the ambulance worked!

matthew ambulance

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