Asleep on their feet…

We have had a busy day.  I woke up and still felt like cr**!  But, I found the family room a mess and the 2 girls and Riley watching TV and eating snacks (can you say frito’s in the morning? – brain food!).

So, we had a rapid clean up and I made some real breakfast and then sat down to read my email.  The kids started playing with some toys and after my email I cut up some fruit and gathered some supplies and we ran to CVS for a Sunday paper and then to the pool.  We all went into the big pool and got there just in time to have about 10 minutes before “Adult” swim was called. 

We had a nutritious lunch of cantelope, watermelon, peanut butter on ritz crackers and apple juice.  Then I sat down with the kids in the baby pool while I read through the coupons and grocery ads. 

Later, we went back to the big pool and Addison decided to try and swim without her floaty.  She is getting much better and can swim for about 10 feet underwater with 1 or 2 rises to take breaths.  She still gets scared when she rises and can’t put her feet down and then forgets to keep moving her feet and hands but is really close to “getting” it.  I can’t wait to have all 4 of them be able to swim  – I think next summer will be a few milestones…a 4 should be able to swim and all 4 could ride their bikes to the pool. 

After a few hours, we all came home and after a snack, we went to Kroger to score the great deals I posted about here.  I know it is my own fault but I think that I should be able to talk to them and then they should BEHAVE in the grocery store.  Not . so . much .  Riley decided he wanted to push a cart of his own.  So, I was pushing Matthew and Logan in the car cart.  Riley had another cart with Addison in it.  He kept tickling her and she was nearly flipping over the cart.  Then, he would leave the cart in the middle of the aisle and no one else could get buy.  Meanwhile Logan was reaching around and touching everything. 

So, finally I picked Addison up and put her in the basket of the cart and I put all of the food in with her and we pulled out to get a few more things.  Of course, Riley was mad and pushed the cart into a stand of Frito cartons which…you guessed it…fell over and rolled all over the ground.  2 nice woman (and a frightened Riley) picked up the display and even Logan decided it was time to stop fooling around. 

We got to the check out in 1 piece and then home.  Got everything put away in time for me to make dinner…Eggs, turkey bacon, cinnamon apples for the kids, eggplant parm for mom.  As I put the plates on the table, I noticed that Addison was sleeping while on the hobby horse!  No nap and a lot of energy expended swimming lead to a sleepy girl!

After dinner there was a lot of fussiness from the 3 older kids.  Riley likes to torture the younger ones when he is tired.  So, I took away the thing he was playing with and he lay on the couch and within 2 minutes was sound asleep.  Now the other two have 2 minutes before bedtime. 

Starting the school year routine.  Not gonna be pretty but I’ve got to get Matthew up on an earlier schedule if he is going to be on the bus but 6:45!

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  1. I’ve been trying to re-establish the school routine, too. My kids like a 9 or 9:30 bedtime and an 8 to 9 wake-up time. Too bad the rest of the world doesn’t go on this schedule!


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