Rainy Day Blues…

…and a momma with a head cold too.  Can you say UGH!  I have been fighting this cold for 2 days and looking forward to 2-3 more days of badness and Ihave 4 kids in the house and not wanting to get along!

Today they have all already taken a 2 hour nap.  we were going to go to McDs for lunch but bickering and fighting and nastiness stopped that trip.  I just came in the house and when the fighting and bickering continued, I left the food on the table and put them to bed. 


Then the flood gates of (?I guess) tropical storm Bill opened up and hit our little piece of home.  The window above the TV started leaking and the power went out briefly so we shut everything for a while and played a new game that Matthew got for his birthday.  It kept them interested for …ummm maybe 10 minutes…don’t know how we tolerated hours-upon-hours of lack of electricity when I was growing up!

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