…Shhh it’s been quiet here!

Not for lack of emergencies and frustrations but…just overwhelmed…by work, by home, by…everything.  Thought I would have some time this week to get to those things I didn’t get to in the mad rush to be on-service, get the house ready, go to Great Wolf Lodge, and have vacation at home with Denise and her girls.  But, it was not to be as Monday was one of the busiest days I have ever had.  I came home physically exhausted (think the kids were too cuz we all went to bed at 8:15 with only a modicum of crying/whining/yelling [of which 50% might have been me!]).

Today is shaping up to be …hmmm….reasonable.  I’ve finished about half of the work that was left over from the week before vacation and have only 1 meeting today scheduled at noon.  I thought I would share a little about my older daughter.

I’m going to call her the “I’m not afraid of anything or grossed out type of princess-girl!” from now on.  What do I mean? Well, it started about a month ago.  As I was picking them up from daycare, I was approached by one of the kids who told me that Logan had found picked up a dead mouse in the yard of the daycare.  Logan proceeded to say that it wasn’t dead…it was fluffy!  By this time, the teacher came over and told me that…yes, indeed, Logan had walked up to her with a dead mouse in her hands…and after she was totally icked out, she got Logan to drop it over the fence and to go wash her hands.  mouse

Now, why do I tell you this story.  Well, today as we were crossing the parking lot to the daycare (and I have my arms full of fishing equipment and car seats (and that’s another whole story!)…Logan stops me and says…”Look mom, a dead mouse.” – like that, flat…no emotion…no icky…no scared or grossed out.   So, I looked and …yes…she was right.  I told the girls at the front desk that it was there (and got the appropriate – grossed out response BTW).

And I do have to say, my two – all boy- boys had walked right by it without even seeing or mentioning it!

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  1. So, she has eyes for mice?!!! Too hilarious! My kinda girl!


  2. Welcome back, Suzanne. We missed you! Maybe they should exterminate that daycare?


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