Back to school traditions…

back to schoolMary of Owlhaven is giving away a laptop!  I get an additional entry for discussing some of the back-to-school traditions when I was young compared to what my kids might be experiencing. 

Growing up in a family of 7 kids with two working parents I remember our summers as being fun-filled self motivated entertainment.  My parents definitely couldn’t spend time finding fun things for us to do.  Instead, I remember riding my bike for miles to neighbors houses and to the local “mall”.  Also caring for the younger kids and making sure they were having fun. 

School coming meant the end of summer and I remember my mother taking us out to buy one (or occasionally 2) new outfits.  The anticipation of wearing your new clothes and hoping that you would fit in with the rest of the kids was a bittersweet time.  I think kids are so less “fashion” conscious these days.  I remember being a rising 7th grader and being so worried that my hiphuggers were not going to fit correctly and that my life would be RUINED because of it. 

I remember more supplies being supplied by the school.  We didn’t have a list of supplies to bring but rather would have to buy (or make from paper bags) book covers for all of our classes and have a few notebooks but mostly we just provided the pencils as we needed them and 3 ring holed paper – again, as we needed it. 

I have two sons entering the 2nd grade and it has amazed me the amount of supplies that are required – and the variability in the requirements.  See, my two sons are attending two different schools in the same district.  Ones list was about 15 items – including 1 each of a box of pencils, pencil box, crayons, scissors, ruler, 2 marble notebooks, glue sticks, glue, clipboard, colored pencils, 2-subject notebook, 1 plastic folder, a set of headphones, antibacterial wipes and plastic bags—all pretty reasonable -well until you get to the 6 ball point pens (green only).  Anyone know where you can buy GREEN BALL POINT PENS – without spending a fortune or buying a set of 4-6 pens (x 6!)??

Then there is the other son.  the same class (and not even including the extra supplies for his exceptional ed teacher included the following:  3 boxes of pencils, 3 boxes of crayons, scissors, 5 marble notebooks, glue sticks, glue, clipboard, 2 boxes of colored pencils, a box of fat and a box of thin markers, a clipboard, 2 boxes of antibacterial wipes, a set of headphones, plastic bags , 2 pencil boxes and about 5 or 6 other things that I cannot remember at this point.  I mean really…I don’t mind supplying the school room but really! 

So, living in the south, the push to get new “fall” clothes is less.  My kids definitely can wear their summer stuff in the fall.  In fact, they would kill me if I made them wear long pants.  And maybe it may be the fact that I have only have boys in school but they aren’t interested at all in fashion. 

But sneakers…well that is another story.  they have been bugging me to buy them new sneakers and I finally found a couple pairs that were on sale but seemed to be pretty good quality.  Unfortunately, now I will have to try and prevent them from wearing them (out) until school starts.  Yesterday they both wore them around the house and were practicing their “jumping” …

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