Weekend madness

The weekend started early on Friday afternoon.  I headed to the daycare after rounding at 2 hospitals and going to an awkward (to say the least) meeting.  I got there around 2 pm and just as I was driving the last couple of miles it started raining – with a good measure of thunder and lightning thrown in.  The original plan was to pick up Matthew and Riley and go bowling but…with the weather as it was–and a tornado warning until 5PM, I decided to pick all 4 of them up and git on home.

First I had to deal with the disappointment of not going bowling…and not having alone time with mom.  But, Riley is somewhat afraid of thunder, so after a few claps and pouring rain…well, he decided on his own that maybe going home WAS a good idea.  Of course, it stopped raining and the sun came out after we had been home about 1/2 an hour! 

Meanwhile, I had been planning on some last minute shopping for the “Freezer cooking” today and to get some fruit for the week.  We ended up eating pizza and hanging out…with a promise that we would go bowling Saturday morning. 

It is amazing to me how well behaved my kids can be in groups of 2 or less.  But, get all 4 of them together and …there is no way! 

Bowling was a DISASTER.  First of all, the AMF kids bowl free for the summer thing is only AFTER  you sign them up on-line and print out coupons…Who knew?  so it ended up costing nearly $50 to bowl (adding in shoes for all 4 kids).  First…they fought about who was going to go first…then Riley wanted to do everyone elses turn.  Then Logan wanted to fool around and drag the ball launcher into the lane and in front of people.  Then Addison kept reaching across and trying to pick up the heavy balls and then dropping them on her foot or across the lane to someone elses lane.  Then there was a little person there and Matthew was fascinated to say the least.  “He’s little.  Look mom…he’s little…how come he’s little?”  Then there was the constant…”Who’s winning?…awwwww I want to win…it’s not fair, he’s cheating!” 

And, it went downhill from there. 

Later in the afternoon, I HAD to go grocery shopping so we got in the car and went.  I was on a mission to get some of the deals in the Kroger buy 10 get $5 deal.  I had a couple of coupons to pair with it making some treats very inexpensive.  First they fought over who was going to sit in the drivers seats of the car basket.  then, the one we got was broken and so we had to change cars.  Then,  Riley saw a display of wine bottles and he goes over to it and says…Mom, you need wine and starts klinking them.  I’m like…Riley, leave that alone and he is not listening.  Then the worker in that area goes up to him and says…”young man…can I help you?” – well, he was mortified (how come I can’t get that response?) and pouted the rest of the trip because he was embarrassed and wanted to know if he was going to call the police on him!  We finally got through the check out and got home and I started pre-cooking the meat for the “freezer cooking” later today. 

We ended up calling our friend Pat and going out to dinner at this restaurant that I had bought the $25 gift certificates for $2…ended up getting dinner for all 5 of us for $20 and leftovers for lunch today.  Then we went to Pat’s house to use her hot tub and got home at 10 pm and they all went to bed! 

Today isn’t starting much better!  I am going to need that wine!

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