A long way to go…

I am not one who feels like I have this parenting thing down…but every once in a while I do something that shows me exactly how far I have to go. 

Tonight was one of those times.  I had a couple of friends over and we were prepping some food for the freezer.  We had a babysitter and the 8 kids were a little too much for her to handle.  But, overall, they were good.  But, I wasn’t watching as closely as I usually do…especially Matthew, who can do things without thinking and stealthily. 

Anyway, we were finishing up and one of my friends boys was using the playstation and asked for a new game.  Well, the other 2 were no place to be found.  When I asked Matthew where they were, he shrugged (out of sight out of mind)  – though he was the one who used it last. 

Then, several of the kids said that Matthew had them outside and so we went outside to look for them.  Matthew couldn’t remember if he had brought them outside but in the end said that he hadn’t.  But, because the other kids were insistent, I believed them.  Ultimately, we couldn’t find them and so I sent Matthew to his bed (and there might have been some yelling too). 

He was screaming …he was so upset…and finally, my friend said…oh..I think I put some up here…and yup…there they were.  I immediately went up to him and apologized and hugged him.  It took him a while to calm down.  I feel so bad.  He…seems fine now. 

I hate that my first thought is to not believe him.  UGH!

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  1. Bless his heart! Being human is hard isn’t it? I had a family member that would never apologize to his kids. he would’ve said something like, “if you wouldn’t lie so much and weren’t so bad, I would have believed you.” You have taught him that apologizing for your mistakes is a part of forgiveness and restoration.


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