Well, yesterday Riley had a silver-dollar-sized red circle around the incision but limited pain.  Today he wouldn’t let me look at it this morning and he seemed to do well over the day – at least I didn’t hear from anyone at the daycare about him.  He seemed okay but when I finally got him to drop his drawers he had about double the reddness and some swelling of the skin and pain when I touched it…okay…infected!  Called his pediatrician’s office and asked if they would call in a prescription.  The nurse said…”oh no, they never do that without seeing them…I’m like “ugh!” and I did it…I played the card…”um can I talk to the doctor on call?…I’m  pretty sure that they will do it for me…well, since I am an infectious diseases doctor and I’m pretty sure I can tell a skin infection when I see one”  (not nasty but pretty insistant).  The doc got on the phone (who I know and trained!) and said…after we talked for a few minutes she called in the prescription.  Riley has taken his first GIANT pill and fell asleep within 5 minutes. 

…still no humor about being the “butt” of our jokes…and several of my family members have come up with some good ones. 

…having my butt kicked at work the past couple of days.  Nothing too hard but much annoying and being split between 4 hospitals is gonna take some time to get used to. 

…made a great dinner tonight.  4 out of 5 people at it within 5 minutes.  Matthew got “stuck” on the grilled chicken and then was not into eating much else. 

…going to see Harry Potter tomorrow night on opening night!  Excited!

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  1. Poor Riley! I can’t believe you got the “we don’t do that…” spiel. Good grief!

    What was for dinner? 4 out of 5 is a terrific “response” rate!


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