School Supplies…

school suppliesLast year, I missed all of the school supply deals so when they advertised the start of them and I had some CVS ECB’s to spend so we jumped in the car this afternoon. 

I bought:  2 single notebooks (99 ¢ ea get 99¢ ECB ea); 2 rulers (99 ¢ ea get 99¢ ECB ea); 2 scissors (2.99 ea get $2.99 ECB ea.); 3 packages of 8 Bic pens (99 ¢ ea get 99¢ ECB ea); 10 2 pocket folders @ 5¢ each; 2 white glue (99 ¢ ea get 99¢ ECB ea) and a sunday newspaper. 

I used:  $12 ECBs and $5.66 OOP

I got: $15.80 in ECBs and a $1 off of peanut butter coupon (which should net me some pretty inexpensive peanut butter in the next month!) – oh yeah! and 2 packets of coupons where I have already pulled one worth $2.75 on dishwasher tablets which are on sale at Target for $3.49. 

I have 2 boys to buy school supplies for and I haven’t pulled their lists yet, but I’m pretty sure that all of that will be usable (well except the pens but we can always use pens – especially if they are FREE). 

I need to go on-line and download the lists so I can try and get things as they go on sale instead of going to walmart at the last minute and spending close to $50 on the two of them last year!

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