Pain in the A**

Today one of our neighbor’s called and said he was going to the professional soccer game in town tonight and since his wife had other plans for the evening thought that maybe Riley and Matthew would like to come with him. 

…First they both refused…I don’t want to do that…why are we going to that?  Is there a place to play there?…as the day wore on, both started to see that it would be fun to get out and they would probably get a treat so …he picked them up at 6:15 pm. 

…the girls and I went out for ice cream after dinner.  I had just got them into bed when I got a call from my neighbor’s wife who told me that her husband had called her to have her tell me that one of the boys had gotten a splinter in his butt from the bleachers and “he was being very brave but they had tried to get it out in the men’s room but hadn’t been able to”…

…I thought, great! Riley is my most worried child.  We once got into a huge fight when I had to literally sit on him to remove a splinter from his foot and he actually bit me while I was doing it!

…for 15 minutes he screamed and cried and wouldn’t even let me get near him to see the butt.  Finally I got him to lay down and he had about an inch long splinter that I could feel under the skin.  I tried once but knew that I needed to take him somewhere they could numb the area. 

…I got a neighbor to come by and brought him to a local ER.  We just got home after about a 15 minute surgical procedure in the ER to remove not 1 but 2 inch long pieces of wood from his butt.  He was petrified and was talking non-stop  (better than screaming and crying) once the lidocaine kicked in.  I thought they might have to open up the entire area but were able to do it with just a small incision and a LOT of pulling. 

…what’s the best part?…well, the doc in the ER is someone I have known for 15 years.  I waved to him and he came in and did it himself…not only that, he turned to me after it was over and said…”you guys take off, I’m not going to let them register you!” – I tried to argue, but he walked us out the door so….I didn’t have to pay anything!  Now that was unexpected!

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  1. Sue:

    Tell Riley we didn’t get to Massachusetts until a day after he had asked – we stayed overnight at AM’s father’s house to break up the 10 hour trip.

    Also, hopefully when your friend was excising the 2 inches of wood from Riley’s butt, Riley wasn’t doing what he was doing when I was visiting! Otherwise, your doctor friend would probably have charged you twice as much!

    Uncle Pat


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