Movie Night

I got out a little early today and came home and got Movie night started. Picked the kids up at daycare and we got home a little after 6. the pizza was done by 6:30 but had to cool off so no one ate until nearly 7. Then, I set to making caramel corn. I had bought corn syrup for another recipe about a month ago and someone posted a recipe for caramel corn on one of my websites and …well it sounded great! I added marshmallows to the cooked popcorn and then coated it all with the carmel sauce. I let the kids eat some when it was warm and soft and put about 1/2 of it in the oven to “bake” so that it will be like crunch and munch for the weekend.
So far we have watched “Muppets in Space” and are watching a Transformer cartoon. After this, the boys and I will watch Dennis the Menace. It’s been a good night. Limited yelling and the kitchen is even cleaned up.

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