Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July.  We had a nice cookout at the house with Wendy, Pat, and Mike.  They brought over a slipnslide and the kids had a great time.  Even better was the fact that Mike successfully fixed Matthew’s computer! Yea!

Next we went to the Annual 4th of July parade from Shady Grove Elementary School to the Ampitheater …It is an annual event where the kids decorate their bikes and scooters with Red, White and Blue streamers and ride to the Ampitheater.  This was the first year they all could ride…even Addison – though I had to hold on to her handlebars most of the way.

Here is Missy Addison with her bumble bee helmet!IMG00031[1]

Once we got there, there was a jumpy thing, face painting and a band.  Matthew looks a little stunned by his spiderman face.


Addison kept looking at her “cat” face.IMG00037

Here is Logan on her bike!IMG00033

And finally Riley on his bike.  He totally wasn’t into the face painting and the band.  He also wasn’t too happy that I didn’t bring money for us to buy him a 2nd cookout meal!IMG00034

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