Doing the happy dance…

The air conditioner is FIXED!  and I only spent an extra $30!  I am beside myself!

So, I noticed the last few weeks that the house wasn’t as cold as I would like it to be.  But, the air coming from the vents was definitely cold and it got cold overnight – even during the really hot days we had at the beginning of June.  But, I was concerned enough, it got me thinking about my service contract with the Heating and Air Guys…mmmm when did I renew that?

So, I called 10 days ago (and since it was still working) scheduled a tune up of the airconditioning for this morning.  I know from previous experience that an EMERGENCY visit (I had one of those about 5 years ago on July 4th weekend!)…is really expensive – didn’t want to experience that again!

This weekend, the air coming out stopped being cold! Dang!  but…much to my good luck, the weather in Virginia has been unseasonably cool…not-humid…and well…downright nice!  Temps during the day max out at 89…no rain in sight…white fluffy clouds…and temps bottom out to 65 in the early morning. 

The ceiling fans have been working overtime and the two other fans have been going too.  Downstairs is downright chilly in the morning – though my room (the place where all heat rises to in the house!) is just comfortable enough to allow sleep (by mid early morning!).  But we have made it through the last 4 days with limited (from me) grumbling. 

I almost didn’t want to close the downstairs windows this morning after the Heating and Air Guy left – well, almost!  I can’t sleep when it is hot so I will be happy to go to bed tonight!

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