Well, this week is finally over!  Orientation for the new Interns is always busy and this year was no different.  It culminated in having the welcome party at my house.  We had catering by MOE’s Southwestern Food and a big slip-n-slide for entertainment – as if my kids aren’t entertainment enough- my kids on a slip-n-slide …well lets just say it was fun. 

I had taken off last Friday to start the cleaning process.  We had done a lot of de-cluttering last weekend too.  The week was so busy, I was barely able to keep up the kitchen but I woke up early this morning and actually had about an hour before the kids got up and got 2 countertops cleaned up before the babysitter arrived. 

I had arranged for a friends sister to babysit during the graduation i had to attend this morning and then to stay the rest of the afternoon watching the kids while I was cleaning and taking delivery of food and water sports! 

What a beautiful day it was today.  We had our graduatioin ceremony this morning.  The temperature got up to about 85 but with a breeze.  It was perfect!  (especially since my air conditioner has been on it’s last legs the last few weeks ! – I’ve had the windows open this evening and it is even feeling cool in the family room. 

I’m looking forward to relaxing tomorrow …well, as relaxed as I can be with no airconditioning…the appointment for air conditioner repair is Wednesday….wonder if I’ll be able to make it!?

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