Can my summer get any busier?

jury duty

So, I am trying to get all of my ducks in a row for the summer.  I am on the in-hospital service for 2 separate 2 week sessions in July and August.  I am planning on a weeks vacation with Denise and her girls and now…

I get a summons for Jury Duty in the mail today.  I want to be a good citizen but…

…it is scheduled from July 13 through September 11. 

…they call you 2 days before and you have to be available and show if you get called

…they say you will be called like 4 times during the 2 month period

Deep breaths.

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  1. I think in-hospital service could get you exempted from Jury Duty but I don’t think a vacation will. 😦

    Good luck!


  2. I was told by a court employee in my community that single parents are not ideal for trials as they are the only caregivers. Have you told them you are a single Mom with 4 kids under 6 AND on hospital service?


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