Connected…or not?

connected(allow me to let you into a conversation we had on the way to the daycare this morning)

Riley:  “Mom, what does slight mean?” (the weather was on the radio and they had said there was a slight chance of thunderstorms this afternoon).

Mom: “mmm well, it means a small chance  – there is a small chance of thunderstorms”

Riley: (quiet for a minute thinking) “You know mom, it is really cool that they announce that on the radio so you don’t have to look it up on-line.”

Mom: “(laughing to myself) yes…it IS really nice of them to announce that so that I don’t have to look it up on-line.”

(I now return you to your regularly scheduled television show…or whatever you were doing) and for those of you who are old enough to NOT think that you should get the weather report “on-line”…well, join the club!

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  1. These modern kids! I’m sure a life without computers, cell phones, cordless phones, microwave ovens, etc., would be so strange to them. Not to mention black and white TV, 8 track tapes (and cassette taps), records…..the list goes on!


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