Funny Girl…

Getting ready for the cookout this afternoon and I am helping the girls get into their bathing suits. I picked out a two piece for Addison – which she had never worn before (and so then Logan wanted one!).  As I was helping her with the top, she started whining because it was getting stuck and then …she tried to pull it down over her belly and really started to get upset.  I called Logan over and showed her that it was supposed to be like that…at this point, she wailed a plaintive wail and threw herself into my arms…apparently having your belly show is a personal affront!

But, she calmed down and we went to the cookout.  They had a big blow up water slide and a Gigantic blow up slip-n-slide.  The kids abandoned me and the chairs and all of the things I was carrying and RAN to the water slides.  Even Matthew rushed right in!  But Addison was a huge hit.  She kept running and jumping falling in the water.  She was on them for nearly 4 hours – no longer afraid of having her stomach showing!

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