…well, the teacher didn’t call Steve during the morning session and when I spoke with him at 11 am I was more than a little bummed…


…apparently she did call him later in the afternoon and let Riley read him the poem…which was really cute and detailed all of the sports that Steve likes to play with him (I only think he left out curling and only because he doesn’t know what curling is!) and that Steve works for Johnson & Johnson (which he does and I can’t believe that Riley remembered that and didn’t know what color my eyes were – but this isn’t about me!).

…he was totally cool when I picked him up.  I very anxiously brought up that he hadn’t called him and he said…Yes I did! He was very proud to show me the laminated copy (which he had shoved into his bookbag with all the loving tenderness it deserved!).

Well, the latest disaster was repaired and now we need to get through the last week of school and then…summer!

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