Meal Planning Monday

mpmI did shopping on Friday afternoon before picking the kids up.  I love summer when fresh fruits and vegetables are much less expensive.  I did splurge and buy some blackberries (mmm) – now I have to keep the kids out of them…

I only have one night that I have to be out this week so we will try and keep things simple. 

Sunday:  Fettucine Alfredo with Chicken

Monday:  Nachos with home made tortilla chips

Tuesday: McDonald’s!!!  I have a completely killer day at work including a meeting that runs from 4:00 to (usually) 6:00.  Then I have to give a lecture at 6:30 so will stop on the way home and gather up the kids, the dinner and bring them to the place where I will give the lecture

Wednesday: Bacon and Eggs

Thursday: Mac & Cheese

Friday:  Pizza night at the Wyndham Swim and Racket club for the end of school party!  (Free)

Saturday: Pork Loin with rice and vegetables


Check out what others are doing this week at Organizing Junkie

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