Can I say that I hate mornings…

It has been getting worse – not better – despite me trying to get up earlier and have breakfast food prepared early in order to ward off the “grumpy hungries”.   But…I…give…up….

Last week, on Friday, we ran out of waffles.  Now, this is my kids latest obsession.  Even Matthew eats them like they have crack cocaine in them or something.  So much so that I have been mixing up a huge (13 cups) batch of the dry mix about every 2 weeks and cooking them and then freezing them.  That used to last for about 3 weeks – when it was just Matthew eating 1 1/2 large round ones.  But lately the girls (who also get breakfast at Tuckaway – as I keep reminding them) and Riley – who isn’t usually a big breakfast eater are demanding them too.

So, 2 Saturdays ago, I  made a whole batch…the 13 cups makes about 24 large waffles which I freeze into 3 individual baggies.  and by thursday there were only five 1/4 waffles left.  I made them all eat cereal on Friday (I know…horrible mom)…and also on Saturday!  Sunday I let Matthew have the leftover waffles and the others had cereal.  I also made a batch (same mix 13 dry cups of it mixed with 8 eggs, 8 cups of water and 1.5 cups of oil) of pancakes…waffles take too long! And I also tried my hand at making “toaster” strudel again – this time with a real puff pastry dough that I kneaded and “booked” and put in the fridgerator inbetween rollings (4 of them).

On Monday I got them up and said I was giving them the toaster strudels (or toaster waffles as my waffle obsessed boy called them – though they look nothing like waffles!) and if there was a whining measurement, we would have hit the world record…

“Whaaaaaaat?!!!!!  I don’t want toaster waffles!  I haaaaaaaaaate these. ”

(Me) ” You loved them 2 weeks ago (and thinking…these are going to be soo much better than those).

“No, No, No….I want waffles….I’m not going to eat it!”

(Me) “You will try one bite (as I lean in close to be threatening)”

“I’m going to hate them”

(Me) “Fine but you will eat it!”

5 minutes later 2 of them are gone from his plate and he brings his plate to the sink…he spies the one left that I didn’t put out and says…

“Can I have that one that is left?”

(Picture me hitting my head on the counter now)


Fast Forward to this morning…

(Me) “we are having pancakes for breakfast”

“WHAAAAATTTTTTT?!!!!! I want toaster waffles”


I think that tomorrow I will say we are having dirt and intestines for breakfast just to see what the response will be!

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