I can’t believe it but my original baby turned 7 this weekend.  He is an amazing child and, while I know I will endure heartache trying to bring him up right, I also know that I will get unbelievable (and probably undeserved) benefits as well.  A few months ago I wrote a tribute to my daughter Logan and thought it would be nice to do one for all of the kids on their birthdays…


I can’t believe how much you have grown.  You were a small, sick boy when I picked you up to bring you home.  You had no color to your skin but you had spunk!  You slithered commando like all over the floor of the hotel in Moscow and immediately took to the bottle and food!  Your dark brown eyes pulled me into you and held onto me even stronger than your little hands held onto the bottles I fed you.  The feelings of trust you gave me were overwhelming. 

I have been amazed how you have blasted through the developmental milestones and how you have grown from that scrawny kid to “round Riley” to this big tough guy with a heart of gold.  You are a contradiction in person…on the one hand, you can be so sweet and cuddly – on the other hand, loud and rude and defiant! 

I love you – my first “baby”.

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  1. What a great idea! Riley is definitely one special little boy and will be a great go-getter adult!


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