The things that wake you up.

So, sleeping (soundly for the first time in a couple of weeks) in bed last night and the phone rings at 2:15 am.  It is the operator – who tells me that one of my partners had someone in the hospital on Thursday and told them to call if there were any issues and the mother wanted to talk to someone.

So…he connects me.  I get this breathless (as if the child is really sick) mother who says to me (and I am not lying!)

XX was admitted with a croupy cough and is on prednisone and I was told to call if he had any high fevers.  He had a temperature of 101 and I didn’t know what to do (he is 2 years old!) and so I called my mother and she told me to take an onion and wrap it around his chest and I did and that worked and his temperature is down but I wanted to call to make sure you didn’t want to see him first thing in the morning!

There was so much wrong with that statement that I went from asleep to awake in 10 seconds…so then I said…well, do you have tylenol at home? and I was told yes …so I asked how the child’s breathing was…”oh, he is perfect!”…uh….Yeah!  Okay explained about tylenol for fever and broke the news that the clinics aren’t open today but that I thought he would be okay. 

Oh…btw, Thanks Bill!

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5 replies

  1. Gotta try that onion trick!


  2. Do you think a potato would work to put them to sleep?


  3. LMAO! Although that blows that she woke you up for that!!


  4. so it’s not just residents that get those calls in the wee hours of the morning???

    Phonecalls is one of the reasons that I became a hospitalist…

    Hope you got back to sleep okay!



  5. Maybe you should wrap an onion around the phone during the night to prevent calls! 🙂


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