Meal Planning Monday


Ended up doing pretty well over the last week, but … had a few changes.

First, ended up taking Riley out to Red Robin for his birthday on Saturday.  $40 that I wasn’t planning on spending, but I have been under on my food budget this month and he really enjoyed it.  We also had eggs and toast for Friday night instead of our planned hot dogs.  So, I have that for this week (and I will attempt those corn dogs since the new fryer arrived on Friday afternoon!).

Monday: (Memorial Day) we will go to Wendy and Pat’s for a cookout…hot dogs for the kids and turkey medallions with bacon for the adults.  I will make a apple coleslaw, a corn and black bean salsa, and a sweet potato salad to bring with us. 

Tuesday:  Leftovers (turkey and mashed potatoes and mac & cheese) for the kids; barbecue ribs on whole wheat tortillas for mom

Wednesday:  Chicken and dumplings in the crockpot

Thursday:  Mac and Cheese

Friday: Pizza night! 

Saturday:  Quesedilla’s and chicken leftovers

Check out what others are making this week at Organizing Junkie

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