Great Deals… last week had a huge amount of Kraft coupons last week.  All of them were $1 off.  At the end of the week, alot of the websites I read had posted the best deals to use them with and that happened to be Walmart.  Alot of them were on sale at Walmart so combined with the coupons, would be free or nearly free. 

So, I had about an hour yesterday between work and the wedding I was going to.  I decided to go to the Walmart on Forest Hill.  I was pretty lucky and found all of the things I wanted (and found some fruit and staples which I also needed for next week).  Well, feeling pretty proud of myself, I headed to the cashier and placed my coupons on the counter as she was ringing in the food. 

Well, she looks at me and says…(as she continues to ring in the groceries)…”I don’t think we take those.”  So, I say…um what do you mean? and she says the same thing again.  So, I stop her…say…well, I’m not buying them if you don’t take the coupons so she goes to get a front end manager who comes by and says “we don’t take internet coupons”.   Now I know there isn’t a Walmart policy to not take them because Walmart is a main advertiser on and many of the coupons actually say “available at walmart” on the bottom—so, this must be a individual store policy…as she walks away, the cashier just starts back on ringing in the groceries and I look at her and say…”I’m sorry, I don’t want any of it then!” and I walked away.  I was a little upset, but I am trying not to overspend, and I wasn’t going to buy some of that stuff.  Besides, I knew that my local Walmart takes these coupons …I had to hope that they would have another sale to make them as good a price as they were…

Well, I was saved today – and not by Walmart!  Today I was going through the Kroger ad on-line and saw that they were having a huge Kraft sale.  The prices were as good (and in a couple cases…better) as Walmart yesterday.  In addition, I had a couple of other coupons that would allow me to take advantage of some  non-Kraft deals too. 

So, we went this morning.  It was a little tough with all 4 kids but we were able to find everything I needed.  I ended up spending a little more that the $50 I had budgeted for food this week but I am definitely stocked up with food and snacks for the kids lunches and for dinners. 

All-in-all, I nearly cut the bill in half with deals and coupons…here’s the breakdown…

Total before deals:   $133.85

Kroger Plus Savings: $31.32

Mfg Coupon Savings: $30.75

Total paid:  $71.37

Here is what I bought

5 pizza (3 DiGiorno 12″ pizzas and 2 California Pizza Kitchen 12″ pizza)

6 Kraft Easy Mac

4 Velveeta Cheesey Mac

2 Ritz Bitz

2 Wheat thins

2 OM Hot Dog pkgs

1 lettuce

2 Tomatos

1 2-lb strawberries

2 bunches of banana’s

3 Kraft Dressings

2 Kraft BBQ sauce

1 A1 Steak Sauce

4 Apples

1 Watermelon

1 Kroger Oats

1 Honey

2 Betty Crocker Brownie Supreme pkgs

4 6-pks of Koolaid juice bottles

2 Kashi cereal bars

1 Gwaltney bologna

1 Frozen Turkey Dinner

We got everything put away and I am planning on making some granola bars and will make Turkey for dinner and I took out ribs for the crock pot tomorrow – using that BBQ sauce.

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