So, had the Freezer Cooking night last month and slowly but surely we have been eating through the prepared dishes.  I was saving the Chicken Enchilada casserole for when I was home after the Baltimore trip and I pulled it out of the freezer on Sunday.  Last night, I was so tired I let the boys talk me into allowing them to have McD’s for dinner.  So, I had leftovers and put the Enchilada’s in the oven to cook. 

Today I had some of it for lunch and it was …


I was worried it would be too spicy (cuz it’s made with green chile enchilada sauce) but it was not spicy at all.  The Monteray Jack cheese was so tasty and mild and it really went well with the chicken. 

Even the kids ate it.  (well Matthew buzzed a little cuz he couldn’t tell exactly what was in it!)…so now I have 4 extra lunches and a recipe that I will keep around!

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