Happy Mother’s Day…

So, 4 kids and me for Mother’s Day.  woke up at 7:15 and Logan and Addison were in their room and I went in to find it a complete mess.  Okay…now we are going to clean the rooms.  I started folding clothes while they cleaned up the mess.  Meanwhile Riley and Matthew started to wake up and so they were assigned their room. 

It took over an hour because the boys were fooling around the whole time but now we have clean rooms and folded laundry.  Then we came downstairs for breakfast and cleaning downstairs and I sent them outside around 9:00am

At 10:00 am we got together to go to Lowes to buys some topsoil for the little garden we made yesterday.  I have a few plants that were given to me and I had started a couple of tomatoes a few weeks ago.  So, after a very frustrating trip to the hardware store we came home and planted.  I am so excited an hope that I will actually get some vegetables from this!  – cuz I definitely will have some sore muscles!

Then, this afternoon we had Wendy and Pat over for dinner-celebrating Mother’s day.  We are done and sitting watching TV and all of us are going to go to bed early tonight!

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