It is great to be home.  My session at the meeting went well and I ran back to the hotel to pick up the kids from the babysitting service. 

It was raining all day in Baltimore and as we were leaving it was (at least) overcast but not raining.  We got on the road and it started raining again and proceeded to rain for the entire 2.5 hours home.  That was one of the worst things of the trip.

Other events

  • Riley fell asleep for the first hour.  Logan dozed too and Matthew and Addison danced to the McDonald’s kids “sing” CD’s.
  • Addison started whining and crying about 15 minutes into the trip saying she had to go potty.  She had just gone as we were leaving the hotel and…she had a pamper on.   She proceeded to scream for nearly 25 minutes and said “stop it mommy” when I told her she could pee in her pamper but that I wasn’t stopping.  The way she was going on, you would have thought she was pooping in it.
  • We stopped at the Potomic Mills Chili’s and Matthew ate an entire corn dog (bread and all)!- and wanted another one – which I declined for $5 I wasn’t risking it!
  • Logan had a fit for 20 minutes after dinner whining because Matthew had thrown her stuffed dog and she couldn’t reach it …and…I shut off the DVD until she stopped.
  • Riley’s tooth fell out when he was eating some ice on the way home.  We’ve been waiting for it to come out for over a month now! …and…he didn’t lose it in the car…or swallow it!

I’m so glad to be home.

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  1. What an eventful trip! Hope you’ve had a chance to rest and get your thoughts together!


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