Visit to the asylum

Yeah, what was I thinking?  I’ll take the 4 kids to Baltimore with me for the weekend…we’ll give them the opportunity to walk around a little and I won’t have to pay for full days of babysitting cuz the meeting organizers have babysitting set up at $25/child per day. 

It started out innocently enough…the drive back to Richmond was good…barely took me over 2 hours.  Then, I walked into the house that I hadn’t been in for 3 days.  Random lights were on…okay not so bad…then I went upstairs to get the kids clothes packed…in the spare room, the futon is pulled out, there is a huge mess all over the now bed with several blankets, toys, random electronics (like a DS or two, a DVD player), 2 guitars (including my good guitar which is supposed to be in the front closet) are laying on the floor out of their cases.  Clearly Riley had decided to make this room his own…then looking at the other rooms upstairs (including my room)and they are all in a similar state of disarray with lights on!  UGH…there went my good mood.  Finally, I just packed the clothes and headed to the daycare.  I did take the time to pack some snacks but didn’t have the strength to make dinner for the road. 

We got our butts in the car and started north.  Actually, there was minimal traffic and we made it to Potomic Mills by 5:30 and stopped at the Silver Diner there for dinner. 

We made it to Baltimore by 7:30 and went right to the room to get into bathing suits.  We were the only ones in the pool so it was great.  the only downside was that a) there was a lifeguard and b) he yelled at us for jumping into the water because – the hotel people didn’t like water splashing onto the tiles around the pool! ? ? huh??

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