The asylum

After lunch today I picked up the kids from the babysitting and we went out for a walk.  first we went to McD’s so I could get them lunch.  I could have “ordered” lunch thru the sitters but it was $13/child…huh?

Then we went to the waterfront.  It was overcast but with glimpses of sun.  The kids loved it!  but no one could decide what they wanted to do.  Matthew wanted to go onto the submarine – or the USS ship…it was too expensive – besides, I wasn’t going to be responsible for the 4 of them staying on top of that sub!

But we walked around.  I wanted to go on one of the paddle boats, but Riley was afraid and so he nixed it.  we walked down to Hard Rock Cafe so they could see it up close and then turned around and were trying to convince Riley that the paddle boats were okay when Addison decided she needed to go potty.  Well, she decided to just start (loudly) crying as we were walking back trying to find a public rest room.  I was practically dragging her and she was (loudly) crying…I have to go potty, I have to go potty…and then Logan decided that she was going to start crying because I wouldn’t let go of her hand. 

We finally get to the public rest room and I drag Addison in and she goes and then as I go to leave, Riley is no where to be found (he has decided to leave the rest room and wait for me outside!).  After my head nearly spins off, we go back outside and Riley decides to say it is okay to do the paddle boats.  We get in line and get nearly to the beginning and notice that it says …maximum people is 4…well, after a lot of crying I finally drag them away from this. 

On the way there is a performer and we sit and watch it (juggling, riding unicycles, what could be more fun!)

Then we start the 6 block trek back to the hotel.  At this point, it is 3:00 and there have been no naps and Addison starts whining and making this “ayhhhayhhhhayhhhh” sound which she did the entire trip home (as I was dragging her along)…she laid on the ground a couple of times for good measure and emphasis but we got her up and moving.  But she insisted she didn’t need a nap so when we got back to the room, I laid on top of her until she fell asleep. 

The rest of the kids watched TV until 4:30 and then we went back to the pool.  By 6:15, they were finally ready to stop at the pool so we came up to the room to get dressed to go back out for dinner.  The plan was to go back to the waterfront but since my napless Logan decided to have a COMPLETE meltdown / temper tantrum for 45 minutes, I decided to just go across the street to Subway.  

After dinner we came back and were watching TV when a few more meltdowns occured and I finally shut off the lights and held down laid down Addison and they are all FINALLY asleep.

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