Things that make it all worthwhile

So, I complain about my kids…alot…I know.  I started this blog so that I would remember some of the funny (and not-so-funny-at-the-time) things they do.  I love them so much and need to remember how empty my life was before them.

Well, SUMMER has hit the mid-Atlantic.  Yesterday my car thermometer registered 102 and while I don’t think that it was quite that high, it was darned close.  Luckily, warm weather means the kids can be outside more.

Friday evening, after dinner, the kids went outside and were playing.  One-by-one they started to trickle into the house.  First Addison (cuz she needs to constantly check on me and after the 4th or 5th trip, she went up to bed cuz I can’t stand the door opening and not closing that much!).   Next came Riley who wanted to play some videos before bedtime.

After about another 15 minutes, I walked out onto the deck to find Matthew and Logan lying on their backs and he was showing her the finer aspects of finding shapes in the clouds!  It was so fun to see these two (who seem to be at each others throats most of the time) actually having some spontaneous fun together.  It reminded me how sensitive and sweet Matthew can be!

And, here is another Matthew story.  I have been trying to make “faux” Pillsbury Toaster struedel since Matthew (and the other kids) went through 2 boxes in 2 mornings.  So, I found a pastry dough on the internet and made them last night (and put pudding in the middle).  He was excited all night watching them come out of the oven but we saved them for breakfast this morning.  As they were getting their shoes on, I popped them into the oven to warm up and whipped up some frosting with chocolate syrup in it.

I sat him down with it and there were all of these mmm’s and mmmm’s that came out of him.  When he was done, he had a bite left so I asked him to eat the last bite and he asked me to feed him (this is left over from his feeding issues)…so as I was giving him the last bite I asked him if they were as good as the ones we bought at the store and he said….”no”…

“yours are better mommy”.  Okay, I guess I will keep him!

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  1. How sweet! Yes, he’s a keeper!


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